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Profile Summary
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Function NameCallsTotal TimeSelf Time*Total Time Plot
(dark band = self time)
homographyMesh1621.852 s203.133 s
homographyImgLinear_p760274.196 s272.853 s
inpolygon760144.024 s135.823 s
inpolygon>vec_inpolygon7608.118 s8.118 s
homography7601.284 s1.284 s
homographyMatrix7600.405 s0.405 s
mean30400.094 s0.094 s
inpolygon>close_loops7600.083 s0.083 s
meshgrid7600.059 s0.059 s

Self time is the time spent in a function excluding the time spent in its child functions. Self time also includes overhead resulting from the process of profiling.